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Looking for a brand headphone or earphone to enjoy music at its best? Search no more. We have a variety of headphones from Sony to fulfill your needs. Being one of the most trusted brands that it is, Sony always lives up to everyone's expectation by providing quality products at reasonable prices. Sony headphone price range starts from Rs. 699, advanced features like extra bass headphones, Sony wireless headphones etc. has high price range. Whether you are a fitness freak and want to listen to music while you are working out, or you just want to dance to the rhythm while doing some work, Sony has headphones and earphones that will satisfy your every need. There are over-ear, on-ear, noise cancelation and wireless headphones among many others. Talking about earphones, there is in-ear, ergonomic, Sony Bluetooth headset also.

Sony Headphones - Best Sound Quality From A Trusted Brand:

Of course, since these products are from a trusted brand- Sony, so one can experience incredibly enhanced sound quality, without any discomfort or complaints. Sony offers various kinds of earphones with advanced features like sony extra bass earphones has high bass feature which can just change way of listening the music completely. You also get a headphone jack along with sony earphones, which helps you connect it with your phone or other devices. Most of these headphones and earphones come with pressure-relieving pads, which don't cause any sort of discomfort even when you wear them for a long period of time. For all those people looking for aesthetics, Sony headphones and earphones come in sleek, minimalistic designs, with vibrant and playful colors to choose from. With all these features, these products are sure to add majorly to your style quotient.

Sony headphones are portable to a great extent as most of them come with Bluetooth connection and hence are wireless, which frees the users from the trouble of detangling the wires again and again. Also, the different varieties of Sony headphones fulfill completely different requirements of each customer.

Sony Headphones and Earphones: A wide range available at Vplak at your convenience:

Now let us talk about the major types of earphones and headphones that are available at Vplak from Sony:


These are famous among people who want less ear blockage and don't really mind if the sound quality is a little lesser as compared to in-ear headphones. So basically, these can be used by people who use it while jogging on the street so they can still hear the surrounding sounds as well.

In-ear Headphones:

Contrary to the earbuds, these completely fit inside the user's canal and almost block it, so that cannot here the ambient sounds. They consist of soft portions on the tip which come in different ear sizes as required by users and do not cause any damage to the ear canals.

On-ear Headphones:

Available in varied sizes, features and shapes, on-ear headphones differ from the over ear headphones because of their smaller size, greater portability and cushions that just rest against the ears.

Over-ear Headphones:

They are known as full-size headphones, have complete coverage around the ears, and hence are considered as the most comfortable by the headphone users.

Wireless TV Headphones:

As the name suggests, these headphones are mainly used for the purpose of wireless TV listening. They receive signals through walls and hence can be used in different parts of the house, although sometimes signal losses can also occur when distance from the transmitter gets too much for a clear strong signal to be received.

Noise Cancelation Headphones:

Active noise cancelation (ANC) is a technology that reduces or eliminates outside noise. This is most effective against noise of constant frequencies. Sony products such as ZX110NC Noise cancelling headphone,XB950 N1 has noise cancellation feature.

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones:

Bluetooth is the most commonly used wireless standard which is built into smartphones and other electronic gadgets. They mostly come with built-in microphones and remotes for the purpose of phone and calls and playback control. You can find Sony Bluetooth headsets on our website as well.

Sports and Exercise:

There are lighter and more portable versions of earphones for the fitness lovers, which have ear clips or bands to hold the drivers in place or around your neck. They may even be water-resistant or sweat-resistant and they mostly come with volume control and offer Bluetooth connectivity, taking away the trouble of having cables. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore a wide range of headphones and earphones that are available on our website, and choose your favorites from among them only on Vplak.

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