• The cloth surface of the mousepad is washable
  • Zero slip rubber grip
  • It is designed zero slip rubber grip that keeps the frame stable
  • It gives you high speed and flexibility
  • You can easily control the mouse with this mousepad
Rs. 480/-
Brand: Texet, Model: GMP-001-A, Color: blue
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Delivery, Free Return Available
  • The Texet GMP-001-B is designed with zero-slip rubber grip that keep the frame stable
  • The Mouse Pad is designed with premium quality cloth with excellent surface texture for better control and frictionless movement The anti-slip rubber grip in the mouse pad ensure secure placement and it is reliable for all mouse movement
  • The control is very easy by using this mousepad and the cloth surface is also washable
  • This gaming mousepad remains stable because of zero-slip rubber grip
Rs. 490/-
Brand: Texet, Model: GMP-001-B, Color: black
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Delivery, Free Return Available
  • This mousepad comes with a skid-free rubber base to keep it in place
  • It provides some protection from scratching on the table
  • The mouse pad can be used conveniently and comfortably with Macbook
  • Windows Computer and Laptop
  • Aluminium metal provides ultra durability
  • You can use it for both purpose for work and gaming also
Rs. 990/-
Brand: Texet, Model: XXL Aluminium Metal Mousepad, Color: white
  • Free Delivery, Free Return Available
  • It delivers superior comfort and control for large hours
  • It provides precious mouse control/ accuracy/ and low friction
  • It comes with the non-slip base that wont get damaged under pressure
  • It is the best choice for game lovers
Rs. 890/-
Brand: Texet, Model: Premium Anti-Slip Rubber Gaming Mousepad XXXL, Color: black
  • Free Delivery, Free Return Available