TVS Gold USB Bharat Keyboard image
TVS Gold USB Bharat Keyboard image
TVS Gold USB Bharat Keyboard image
TVS Gold USB Bharat Keyboard image
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TVS Gold USB Bharat Keyboard zoom image

TVS Gold USB Bharat Keyboard

  (4.7)   34 Ratings and 34 reviews
MODEL: Gold-Bharat
WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty
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Product Description

  • The TVS Gold Keyboard is extremely user friendly and compatible and it gives smooth handling for professionals
  • The Keyboard is fitted with long-life mechanical cherry switches and it is most useful for banking and insurance professionals
  • The Gold Keyboard has the option of working in two languages and all the keyboards are bilingual
  • These Keyboards are highly reliable with more than 200,00 Hrs MTBF
  • It is a great deal for those people who do touch typing (typing without seeing the keyboard)

TVS-E Gold USB Bharat Wired Keyboard

TVSE Bharat gold is full sized affordable wired keyboard with time-tasted connectivity, 104 best-embedded keys having the modern design with adequate quality. This keyboards compatible with windows 98,2000, XP and Vista Operating system. You can easily connect it with your computer, laptop by just plug in a USB attached to it in your system ports. With the light weight of 1.2 Kg and dimensions, 50 x 22.4 x 4.8 cm allow you to carry it anywhere wherever you go. The keyboard is comes under one-year manufacturer limited warranty.

High Performance keybord

With extremely soft pressable keys, this TVS-E keyboard does not make you tired quickly during continuously typing for a time period. The TVSE Bharat keyboard is a useful computing accessory that liberates you from the hassle of cheap typing experience. With 3.0 USB technology offers a better connectivity as well as high-speed performance. TVS keyboards are made up of extremely hight quality materials that provide you higher durability with ease.

Hot key feature

Thanks to the Longhua keys which works almost similar to cherry MX keys. Tvs keyboards contain more than 100 keys under your fingers that help you in accessing PC effectively. On the keyboard, a set of keys offers you a direct control to your most frequently used media keys such as volume, next sound, pause button and so on. The option of number pad in right side make you do mathematics calculation effectively

Effective structure and easy set up

This Tvs wired keyboard comes with customized keys that are designed carefully. The keys do not make noise while typing and offers a comfort even after extended hours usage.There is properly maintain size for all the keys to easily accommodate under your control. It comes with entire standard keys but smaller in size than traditional keyboards. To set up this keyboard you do not need to call operator or mechanic. It is very easy to set up, just plug in the USB receiver in the port of your computer and it will automatically become ready to use.

Sales Package 1 Unit USB Keyboard
Brand TVSe
Model Gold Bharat USB
Color Black
Type Wired Keyboard
Interface USB
Keys Count 104
Stroke per Key 5 millions
Compatibility Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista operating system
Special Feature ROHS enabled,made in India
Weight 1.2 Kg
Dimensions 50 x 22.4 x 4.8 cm
Warranty Type Manufacturer limited Warranty
Warranty Period 1 Year

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34 Ratings &
34 Reviews
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Apr 14, 2018
Used TVS Gold keyboard for more than 6 months.
Ramendra | certified buyer
I am using TVS Gold keyword for more than 6 months. I am quite satisfied with the quality of this product. It has nice features such as soft keys, comfortable, excellent built quality. I used it for gaming on my laptop whenever I have to play heavy games that require the use of both keyboard and mouse. It is a value of money product at this price. I recommend this product to all those who are looking for a quality product and value of money product
Apr 11, 2018
Excellent built quality,
Anamika | certified buyer
I am this keyboard from past 6 months. My overall experience with this keyboard nis very good. I have used it on both my pc and laptop. Excellent built quality, big insize are the good features of this keyboard but the drawback is its cord cable length is less. You should buy is if you are looking for easy to use, and comfortable nkeyboard
Mar 06, 2018
Great value if you're not looking to go mechanical
ashutosh | certified buyer
I want to preface this by saying the 5 star rating is in comparison to other similar keyboards. This isn't a mechanical keyboard and it doesn't claim to be, so I'm not comparing as such.
Feb 27, 2018
Work perfectly
Vimal | certified buyer
A very well made keyboard. I already knew that the keyboard was going to be great, but it still surprised me because of the price. And this keyboard will probably be with me for the next 3 years. I love it and recommend it to anyone and everyone.
Feb 26, 2018
I recommend this product for that price, functionality and reliability.
Sameer Meena | certified buyer
I had a wireless keyboard and I got tired of the broken connections and buying batteries so I bought this Keyboard and haven't looked back. It works all of the time and the keys feel good with just right tactile feedback. I recommend this product for that price, functionality and reliability.
Feb 24, 2018
you should enjoy this keyboard
Sashi | certified buyer
I've had good success with other Basics products and this keyboard is similarly pleasing. The keys are responsive and clean. The profile is smooth and slimmer, with the keys being more inset into the keyboard, which should reduce hair and dust entering the "guts" below.
Feb 23, 2018
Very good price for a solidly built keyboard
Amogh | certified buyer
It's a good one a really good one. If you spent a lot of time on computer, like I do, you need a quality equipment and this is the keyboard for the job. Now, it's pretty simple, a standard layout.
Feb 20, 2018
Good product works well.
Ashish | certified buyer
People who are looking for a pure utility keyboard with no discomfort can definitely go for it. I liked it as it comes very intuitive while I type in this keyboard Its effortless typing.
Feb 19, 2018
Product meets the high expectation in totality.
Prabha | certified buyer
So far this keyboard has performed really well. Though it is only 1 month but I'd say I'm quite happy with the smoothness of the keyboard as I have to do a lot of typing and the keys are quite silent too.
Feb 17, 2018
very good product I liked it
rahul | certified buyer
Very good product I liked it as it comes very intuitive while i type Its effortless typing But again it is which type of keyboard you are getting used to you would like that I used it a lot that's why i like it If you are a full time user of laptop keyboard you will surely like it.
Feb 16, 2018
One of the best keyboards I have used
Raju | certified buyer
fantastic product with actual mechanical keys... good tactile feedback... hours of regular use with significantly less strain or errors... my son has been using it as a gaming keyboard...
Feb 15, 2018
Best typing keyboard
Aman Yadav | certified buyer
I hqve been using it for more than 2 months now and the user experience has been very good. Hassle-free use and it is on par with any other keyboard in the market. Highly recommended for those, who are dealing in typing.
Feb 14, 2018
Fantastic keyboard for the price
Vipin Chaturvedi | certified buyer
Had to say first time using a machanical keyboard was a good keyboard the product is pretty durable and sounds good no complains!! The joy you get while using this keyboard can only be felt once you actually start using it. Pros:Solid body,sturdy design,mechanical switch based keys for longer durability,less prone for typo errors
Feb 05, 2018
Thanks VPLAK for such an amazing product at very affordable price
Yashwant Sinha | certified buyer
From the point of view of a gamer every keyboard is just bunch of buttons and does not last long, but I am fascinated with this TVS Gold keyboard. Built quality is just amazing and key movement are smooth like any high-end keyboard. Well, this is a price worthy product for me and VPLAK have done a remarkable job in delivering this product before the expected date.
Oct 26, 2017
Best ever keyboard for typing!!
Rajeev Maurya | certified buyer
I have used lots of keyboard form iBall, Logitech, Zebronics but after the tvs gold key board I can comfortably say that no other keyboards can match this tvs keyboards performance in terms of typing. Probably the best ever keyboard typing. It feels great while typing using this tvs key board. the key switched response faster and and increases the typing speed as the design is such that it is suitable for typing.
Oct 13, 2017
One of the Best Keyboards in India!!
Himanshu Verma | certified buyer
In my opinion, the TVS gold mechanical keyboard is the best keyboard available in india. Fantastic key board with actual mechanical keys. It is very comfortable for typing for hours with significantly less strain or error. The sound is also pleasing while striking on the keys. The build quality is also good and it design is perfect for typing. It gives me immense pleasure while typing on this gold keyboard.
Oct 01, 2017
Personal opinion for the tvs gold mechanical keyboard
Lakshay Patil | certified buyer
I purchased this Tvs keyboard from VPLAK on 12th September 2017 after reading lots of positive reviews on the internet. Now, I have been using from 14th of September.

Design and look

When first pick the keyboard you feel like the keyboard is little heavier than the normal plastic membrane keyboards. But this should not be a problem since everyone keeps the keyboard on the desk. The upper half of the keyboard is slightly above the surface than the lower half and it helps in typing. all the key switches are tilted towards the center row. It feels great while typing using this keyboard the design is such that it will surely enhance the typing speed. Also, the keyboard produces a nice click sound upon pressing the key switches which give a feeling as if typing on a typewriter. The cherry MX switches response faster than the normal keyboards and it helps to increase the typing speed

Sep 30, 2017
Value for money, decent switches. overall good mechanical keyboard
Hansa Mehta | certified buyer
Very good Keyboard for typing, has powerful keys. Key caps are fantastic. I had a Logitech K200 keyboard. Experience with the previous keyboard and switching to this new one was a tiny little bit different. Ideal for rough users and best in this price range. Thanks, Vplak for 100% genuine product and quick delivery. Vplak is best electronic products seller in India
Sep 28, 2017
Best keyboard for typing!!
Shreya Singh | certified buyer
I have been using the TVS Gold USB key board from the last one month and I am quite fond of using it. The design of the keyboard is very good for typing. It feels very good while using the keyboard. It also gives a very good click sound and the best part I have observed is that it has increased my typing speed which is awesome. Although the tvs mechanical keyboard is little heavy and a bit large that should not be a problem as you have to keep it on a table while using it. Overall it is a good keyboard for typing.
Sep 05, 2017
Best meachnical keyboard from TVS !!
Mayank Gupta | certified buyer
I purchased the TVS gold mechanical keyboard from Vplak on 20th August and using it since then. Now I want to share my views on this TVS key board. The performance of the key board is great and it feels awesome on pressing the mechanical switch keys. It gives nice sound on clicking the keys. This key board is best for typing as it is built in such a way that it increases the typing speed. However, the weight of the TVS mechanical keyboard is on the higher side but that should not create a problem as we keep the keyboard on the desk. It is durable enough to last up to 50 million strokes per key. If you are looking for a keyboard to use it for heavy use, then your search should stop here.
Aug 05, 2017
Best keyboard for typing
Ankit | certified buyer
I am a freaking typist who used to write contents around 500 pages per day. This key board increased my productivity to 600 pages per day. This is an amazing key board that comes cherry switches so it is very responsive and it feels awesome when you press the key switches you may feel as if you are typing on a type writer. When pressing the keys it gives a nice sound of a click. This TVS computer keyboard is available on the market since a long time but still, it has no competitors. This is just because there is no mechanical key board which gives a performance like this. However, the only thing I did not like is the backspace key which is probably shorter given the size of this keyboard. I would like to say that for a typist or a programmer this keyboard is must if you want to increase your typing speed.
Aug 05, 2017
Best Mechanical Keyboard ever !!
Pankaj kapoor | certified buyer
This is the keyboard you should look for if you want a good key board which is specially built for enhancing the typing experience or I would say heavy work load. If you are a gamer, you will probably love it due to its fast response because it has cherry MX switches and the design of the keyboard is such that it feels comfortable while typing on it and you will be able to type much faster than the normal key board. As this is a mechanical keyboard it allows 50million stroke per key. however, the key board feels like a bit longer and the weight is slightly higher but that should not be an issue as you have to place it on a table. the Switches produces a nice sound upon clicking the keys. Overall I am in love with this keyboard as it has increased my typing speed.
Aug 04, 2017
Best Mechanical Keyboard In My Experience
Rahul Singh | certified buyer
I tried lots of keyboard because my work needs lots of typing. Because of this I changed lots of keyboard So I have lot of experience in working so many keyboard. When someone told me about TVS Mechanical Keyboard I thought to try it out. So I booked from VPLAK after searching lots of other websites. Firstt of all Thank You VPLAK to deliver it so fast and Deliver a genuine product to me . This USB Gold Keyboard is best in my opinion. I have been using this keyboard since 4 months and it is working fine from the very first day. Best thing about this keyboard is its typing mechanism its feel good in typing.
Jul 17, 2017
Master of typing !!
Gulshan | certified buyer
This TVS gold keyboard is best at typing. If you have to type lots of line then this keyboard is the one you should buy. Although it has more weight than normal keyboards but that is not an issue as we do not carry keyboards more often. I am able to type faster with this keyboard because the design is built in such a way We all know TVS keyboard price is relatively lower than other brands and it does not affect the quality the same applies to this TVS keyboard. Totally loved using this keyboard from TVS.
Jul 03, 2017
excellent typesetting machine with bombastic features
Hanee | certified buyer
excellent product typesetting machine which gives new looks to the keyboard with extra space in key with best indicators of caps scroll and num features. In the range of 2k the best quality product in fingerboard. have sufficient space for maintaining the figures on the keypad. This computer input device contains new features which give great experience with fingerpad. I like it by many ways overall I would say I had good experienced with
Jun 30, 2017
I am pleased with this keyboard
ANUNAY SHARMA | certified buyer
Really thankful to TVS-E Bharat gold keyboard. This is a decent keyboard. For fast typing and better computing it is a perfect option. There is not any other keyboard which can perform better than it.
Jun 26, 2017
Best Keyboard for fast typing
Sonika Singh | certified buyer
Lets start writing about this mechanical keyboard. If you love fast typing, then its time to invest in mechanical keyboard rather than the membrane. This keyboard has Cherry MX Blue switches with a new style mechanism. You can feel as well as hear the completion of a keystroke. This is especially for Fasting typing and better computing experience.
Jun 24, 2017
Best mechanical keyboard but little costly
Vanga Nagaprasad | certified buyer
I have used many keyboards but I would say TVS Gold is a pretty sturdy keyboard. It is full-sized mechanical keyboard with 104 keys more than others. This keyboard uses physical switches to take input whereas other use plastic layer i.e. membrane based keyboards. I am pleased with this keyboard. But this is a little bit expansive. I got this keyboard online at 2200 RS.
Jun 05, 2017
TVS Gold Usb Bharat Keyboard:
Mohit Villa Prasad | certified buyer
One of the most desirable keyboard of the indian brand and the best technical keyboard recommended for programmers. It has a powerful touch and stylish looking. Its curvy shape on the side makes it more attractive. Major buttons like the backspace is small in size and should have been bigger, but overall its responsive and reliable. Very accurate to the touch as it uses Cherry MX switches which are the most popular switches used in keyboards. It’s of reasonable price and a total typing pleasure. Good comfort and powerful keys. However it does not include wireless keyboard and thus the wired keyboard has small cable length. If looking for a good technical keyboard, this is the place to buy it. Totally worth it and is all green light.
Jun 03, 2017
TVS Gold Bharat Keyboard
Debashish Mahakud | certified buyer
this should be your first mechanical keyboard.if you live in India. reasonable price .. original cherry mx blue keys. received the package on time . safely packed. Pros ------ classic look Original cherry mx blue keys. good response of keys Cons ---------- backspace key is not big like which generally found in other membrane keyboard. TVS-E should look into that. Strongly recommended for coders,programmers, etc.
Apr 26, 2017
amazing keyboard
Simran Kaur | certified buyer
This is the first time I felt happy buying a keyboard. too much comfortable with good key size and having a USB connector got too much smooth typing experience. Completely value for money 5/5 for the product and the seller as got delivered befor delivery date from Vplak. Thanks Vplak.
Mar 10, 2017
The Best Mechnical keyboard ever
Sanyam Sharma | certified buyer
Typing is so easy that i do not need to put efforts to press the keys.These keys could be removed easily if needed to
Mar 03, 2017
Totally Awesome Keayboard
Anonymous | certified buyer
When my friend suggests me to buy tvs keyboards instead to other. I was totally unknown about TVS keyboard. He told me he is using tvs gold USB Bharat keyboard, which is a right device for fast and comfortable typing. I bought the same product from an online store. I got this within 2 days. I would say this is the really great product for fast typing masters. I high recommend to buy for better computing experience. Thanks, Hope review is helpful.
Feb 26, 2017
TVS keyboards are amazing
Venkatesh | certified buyer
TVS-E (tvs electronics) is a fast leading brand for keyboard, Printer, Scanner according to an article. The biggest feature in this product I observed is that we can remove its each and every keys. Now I can easily wash keys. TVS gold keyboard is different from other keyboards. We can easily connect to computer/ laptop no need of any software. But the tvs gold keyboard price is little more than others but is totally value of money.


Ask Question
Q: Does TVS keyboards have illuminated keys?
A: Does Not have illuminated keys for help in dark.
Q: Should A programmer buy this keyboard?
A: This is a perfect choice for programmer and software developer.
Q: Does this keyboard come with mouse?
A: NO,this is a single unit product not a combo.
Q: Will this keyboard work with window 8.1?
A: Definitely it will work with window operating system.