Monitor Audio Bronze 100 Bookshelf Speaker (Pairs) image
 Monitor Audio Bronze 100 Bookshelf Speaker (Pairs) image
 Monitor Audio Bronze 100 Bookshelf Speaker (Pairs) image
 Monitor Audio Bronze 100 Bookshelf Speaker (Pairs) zoom image
 Monitor Audio Bronze 100 Bookshelf Speaker (Pairs) zoom image

Monitor Audio Bronze 100 Bookshelf Speaker (Pairs)

  (5)   4 Ratings and 4 reviews
MODEL: Bronze 100
WARRANTY: 5 Years Warranty
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Product Description

  • Classic Monitor Audio speaker design with a playful twist
  • Orange translucent MMP II (Metal Matrix Polymer) driver cones – adds a stylish touch
  • High overall impedance (8 ohms) – easy to drive with lower power amplifiers
  • Black C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium Magnesium) dome tweeter – derived from Monitor Audio’s award-winning Bronze series
  • HiVe II (High Velocity, Low Noise Reflex Port) technology – for an improved transient response and tighter bass, due to smoother airflow
Product features

The Monitor Audio Bronze 100 is a high-quality bookshelf speaker that offers impressive audio performance and a sleek design. As part of the renowned Bronze series by Monitor Audio, these speakers deliver a captivating listening experience for both music and movies.

One of the standout features of the Bronze 100 is its advanced driver technology. It features a 5.5-inch C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminum Magnesium) mid-bass driver, which provides precise and dynamic sound reproduction. The C-CAM material is lightweight yet rigid, allowing for improved accuracy and reduced distortion.


Impressive Audio Performance

The Bronze 100 also incorporates a 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter. This tweeter is designed to deliver clear and detailed high frequencies with excellent dispersion. It ensures a smooth and balanced sound signature, allowing you to hear every nuance and subtlety in your music.


Advanced Driver Technology

The cabinet construction of the Bronze-100 is meticulously crafted to minimize resonances and deliver a cleaner sound. Monitor Audio utilizes a combination of MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) and bracing techniques to create a rigid and inert enclosure.


Clear and Detailed High Frequencies

The Monitor Audio 100 offers versatility. It has a single set of high-quality binding posts that allow for bi-wiring or bi-amping configurations. This feature enables you to optimize the speaker's performance according to your preferences and system setup.


Meticulous Cabinet Construction

The overall design of the Monitor Audio Bronze is elegant and contemporary. It is available in a range of attractive finishes, including black, walnut, and white. The speakers feature a sleek front baffle with a subtle curvature and magnetic grilles, giving them a modern and sophisticated appearance that can complement any décor.


Versatile Connectivity

With its compact size and powerful sound output, the Monitor-Audio-Bronze-100 is well-suited for small to medium-sized rooms. Whether you're using them as part of a stereo system or as front or rear channels in a home theater setup, these speakers excel at delivering engaging and immersive audio experiences.


Sleek and Contemporary Design

The Bronze 100 by Monitor Audio is a top-notch bookshelf speaker that combines advanced driver technology, meticulous cabinet construction, and elegant design. It offers a refined and detailed sound reproduction, making it a fantastic choice for music enthusiasts and home theater enthusiasts alike.

Sales Package 2 Speakers, User documentation
ModelBronze 100
System Format
Frequency Response (-6 dB)
52 – 25,000 Hz (Free field)
37 – 30,000 Hz (In room)
Sensitivity (2.83v @ 1m)87 dB
Nominal Impedance8 ohms
Minimum Impedance4.5 ohms
Maximum SPL110 dBA (pair)
Power Handling (RMS)100 W
Recommended Amplifier Requirements30 — 100 W
Crossover Frequency2,200 Hz
Drive Unit Complement
1 x 8" C-CAM bass/mid-range driver
1 x 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter with UD Waveguide
Dimension376 x 231 x 325 mm
Weight (each)7.8 kg 
Warranty TypeManufacturer
Warranty Period5 Years

Additional Info


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4 Ratings &
4 Reviews
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Jun 29, 2023
Harshita Verma | certified buyer
The Bronze 100 has a power handling capability of up to 100 watts allowing it to handle a variety of amplifiers and receivers. It is recommended to match it with a quality amplifier or receiver for optimal performance.
Jun 09, 2023
Great Product
Ankita Sharma | certified buyer
The frequency response of the Bronze 100 typically spans from around 52Hz to 30kHz. This wide frequency range allows for good bass extension and clear high frequency reproduction.
May 29, 2023
Outstanding Connectivity
Rohit | certified buyer
The Bronze 100 is praised for its impressive sound quality. It utilizes a 2 way design with a 5.5 inch bass driver and a 1 inch tweeter. The combination of these drivers provides a balanced and detailed sound reproduction with a focus on clarity and accuracy across the frequency range.
May 04, 2023
Abhinav | certified buyer
The Bronze 100 features a compact bookshelf design that makes it suitable for smaller spaces or as part of a multi-channel audio setup. The speaker cabinet is constructed using high quality materials which helps reduce resonance and enhance audio clarity.


Ask Question
Q: What is the frequency range of the Monitor Audio Bronze 100 Bookshelf Speaker?
A: The frequency range typically spans from around 52Hz to 30kHz.
Q: How much power can the Bronze 100 handle?
A: It has a power handling capability of up to 100 watts.
Q: What is the driver configuration of the Bronze 100?
A: It features a 2-way design with a 5.5-inch bass driver and a 1-inch tweeter.
Q: What are the available cabinet finishes for the Bronze 100?
A: It is available in black, white, walnut, and urban gray finishes.
Q: Can the Bronze 100 be wall-mounted?
A: Yes, it can be wall-mounted using optional brackets.