Yamaha NS SW200 130W Powered Active Subwoofer image
Yamaha NS SW200 130W Powered Active Subwoofer image
Yamaha NS SW200 130W Powered Active Subwoofer image
Yamaha NS SW200 130W Powered Active Subwoofer image
Yamaha NS SW200 130W Powered Active Subwoofer zoom image
Yamaha NS SW200 130W Powered Active Subwoofer zoom image

Yamaha NS SW200 130W Powered Active Subwoofer

  (5)   12 Ratings and 12 reviews
WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty
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Product Description

  • PWM digital drive high efficiency amplifier and dual feedback circuit.
  • New Twisted Flare Port contributes to clear and tight bass.
  • Powerful Bass, Delivers deep and impactful low-frequency audio for a more immersive sound experience.
  • 130W Amplifier, A robust built-in amplifier that ensures the subwoofer can handle demanding bass frequencies.
  • Compact Size, Designed to fit seamlessly into various spaces without compromising on performance.
  • Easy Connectivity, Offers multiple input options for connecting to different audio sources effortlessly.
  • Adjustable Settings, Allows customization of settings like volume and frequency to suit individual preferences.
Product features

Upgrade your home theatre with the brand-new Yamaha NS-SW200 subwoofer by Yamaha and get to experience theatre at your home. Yamaha active subwoofer is recently launched by Yamaha and it has the active servo technology II which makes it sound super cool with thrilling bass. This sw200 subwoofer is very different from any other usual subwoofer and perfectly matches with your interiors and gives your room very aesthetic look. Its very easy to control with front panel and easy control accesses in 130W yamaha powered active subwoofers. A design combining superior operability and beauty. And introducing a new technology, Twisted Flare Port, for clear and tight bass. A subwoofer that will match a wide range of speakers and interiors.

A plan consolidating predominant operability and magnificence. What's more, presenting another innovation, Twisted Flare Port, for clear and tight bass. A subwoofer that will match a great many speakers and insides Yamaha NS sw200 8 Inch Subwoofer design combines superior portability and beauty. And introducing a new technology, Twisted Flare Port, for clear and tight bass. The built-in power amplifier delivers stable power output of 130 W with high efficiency while minimizing power consumption and heat production.

Twisted flare technology

Twisted flare technology

The Ns-series sw200 subwoofer has the twisted flare which gives you an amazing and supercool subwoofer experience. The flared and the curves in the subwoofer enhances your music experience and delivers very smooth music in the overall surroundings.  It produces special sound effects to give you original and realistic music experience. This twisted flare lets the SW to produce thrilling bass and clear sound.

High frequency amplifier

High frequency amplifier

The Yamaha ns-SW200 has the in-built PWM digital high efficiency amplifier and dual feedback circuit that delivers music with high efficiency and it also consumes very low power. Yamaha Active subwoofer gives high sound clarity and smoothness with the dual feedback circuit. Due to high efficiency amplifier it block out all the unwanted sound and noises.

Thrilling abd deep bass

Thrilling abd deep bass

This 200sw Yamaha subwoofer has advanced YST II (Yamaha active servo technology II) and conical speaker that delivers the detailed audio to your ears, it has also used the ANIC (advanced negative impedance converter) circuits to martien the performance of the NS-SW200 by yamaha subwoofer

Elegant design

Elegant design

Yamaha has beautiful and elegant designs that is perfect for your interiors and it gives very beautiful appearance to your home theatre room. Yamaha-sw200 nshas wide range of speakers so that you can choose according to your need. The power and volume buttons, which are used most often, are laid out on the front surface of the unit for ease of access. It is inclined at an angle of 45°, making it easy to use even when placed on the floor. An LED indicator is above the power button, so even in a dimly lit room it's easy to tell if it's on or off.

Easy to control

Easy to control

Yamaha ns-sw200 by yamaha active subwoofer has front control panel with few control buttons so that you can easily control your subwoofer. It has a led light indicator to represent the power on and power off mode. The system control terminal can be linked to the amplifier power to automatically turn the power on and off. There is also an Auto Standby Function: If no signal is input from the amplifier for a fixed period, it automatically switches to the standby state, and when a signal from the amplifier is detected, power turns on automatically. This limits the wasteful consumption of electricity.

Auto standby control system

Auto standby control system

This Yamaha sw200-ns system can be connected to amplifier power to automatically turn on and turn off the power.  It does not require an output filter coil, resulting in extremely low noise and distortion. High speed transient response is also excellent. The dual feedback circuit reduces distortion by applying feedback twice, resulting in higher sound clarity.

Sales Package Subwoofer and User documentation
Subwoofer Type
Amplifier Power Rating
130 W
8" / 20 cm
Magnetic Shielding
1 x RCA Input (LFE)

1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm Input (12 V Trigger)

1 x Stereo RCA Input

2 x Spring Clip Pair Input

2 x Spring Clip Pair Output
AC Input Power
110 to 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Power Consumption
0.3 W (Standby)

67 W (Typical)
Frequency Response
28–200 Hz
Advanced YSTYes
Twisted Flare PortYes
Dimension290 x 306 x 351 mm
Weight11.2 kg
Warranty TypeManufacturers
Warranty Period1 Year

Additional Info


( Yamaha NS SW200 130W Powered Active Subwoofer Reviews )


12 Ratings &
12 Reviews
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Nov 04, 2023
Exceptional 8-inch Subwoofer
Archana | certified buyer
Awesome low-bass output just amazed me, with clear and crisp beats you can feel every bass thump to your chest. NS SW200 has notably greater performance.
Nov 03, 2023
Wonderful Powered subwoofer
Gautam | certified buyer
I heard a lot about SW200 from my friends and wanted to give a try, after purchasing i can ensure you that your investment will pay you off. Ideal for medium to large space. Thunderous bass. Happy purchase.
Oct 31, 2023
A Sound delight
Satis vats | certified buyer
NS-SW-200 contains many options for connectivity in rear side of the speaker. The sound on the sub has smoothed out after sometimes. I get amazing bass and the sub goes in and out of standby smoothly! Highly recommended!!
Aug 31, 2023
Perfect Addition to My Home Audio Setup
Ravichandran | certified buyer
I recently added the Yamaha NS SW200 to my entertainment corner, and I am blown away by the difference it makes. Despite its compact size, this subwoofer packs a punch, The bass it produces is deep and rich, adding a whole new dimension to my movie nights and music sessions. What is really impressive is its versatility I have connected it to both my TV and music system, and the adjustable settings allow me to dial in the perfect bass level for each.
Aug 24, 2023
Small Subwoofer, Big Performance
Monty | certified buyer
I was a bit skeptical about the Yamaha NS SW200 due to its size, but it has exceeded my expectations in every way. The 130W amplifier ensures that it can handle even the most demanding bass frequencies, and boy, does it deliver, The bass is not only powerful but also clean and well-defined.
Nov 08, 2022
Sound Monster
Gourav Bhatia | certified buyer
Yamaha NS SW20 has an excellent audio quality. You can feel high-quality bass thanks to the Yamaha subwoofers built-in ball, speaker, and cutting-edge design. I increased the quality of the setup by adding Edifier bookshelf speakers, and now I am at a loss for words.
Oct 22, 2022
Great performer
Rajesh Diwakar | certified buyer
NSSW200 yamaha sub sound has significantly improved in smoothness. It appears that the cone-running process is complete. I receive fantastic bass, and the subwoofer effortlessly enters and exits standby. What a fantastic investment. Strongly advised!
Oct 07, 2022
Very good product
Aditya Verma | certified buyer
NS-SW200 is a good subwoofer that enhances low bass quite well. This subwoofer does an excellent job of enhancing the low bass. It is unquestionably advised for being mounted to bookcases. The low bass output is enhanced to the necessary degree in both music and movies. The construction quality is also excellent.
Aug 01, 2022
A Solid Choice
Hem | certified buyer
I think yamaha doing perfect job on making best speakers with reasonable price. I already have yamaha-100ns and then I ordered this yamaha-200ns for my friend, these low frequency subwoofers are perfect for music quality, so I cannot wait to gift her this sw200 yamaha.
Jul 20, 2022
Thanks Yamaha !
Satayajeet Das | certified buyer
Yahama200 sounded great, it has the best combination of features and sound quality. Very nice speaker, voice is also very crisp and clear. now I can enjoy party music at my home with my friends. Overall love this product ns-sw200 yamaha! Thanks to yamaha.
Jul 08, 2022
I Received Today
Prashant | certified buyer
The package of yamaha nssw200 arrived at my home today on time and in excellent packaging condition. I enjoy to listening loud music and ns200 yamaha is best subwoofer for that. I am glad that I went with this sw-200 yamaha, 5 stars.
Jul 08, 2022
Best speaker
Pradeep shah | certified buyer
I am just so happy with yamaha sw050. Awesome, live sound! First of all, these are very user friendly in terms of size and weight. In term of audio quality yamaha never disappoint us and sw050 yamaha is the best option in Yamaha.


Ask Question
Q: Does Yamaha NS-SW200 sounds good?
A: Yes, the Yamaha 200sw sounds really good.
Q: Is Yamaha ns200sw waterproof?
A: No, Yamaha active subwoofer is not water resistance.
Q: Can I connect this active subwoofer with my TV?
A: Yes, of course you can connect the ns subwoofer to your television.
Q: Does SW200 gives the cinematic feeling at home?
A: Yes, Yamaha ns-200sw gives theatre like feeling at home.
Q: Is Yamaha good brand?
A: Yes, Yamaha is very good brand and has been awarded for its amazing performance.
Q: Can I add more speakers to this once its linked to the AV receiver?
A: Yes, NS SW200 has three different input kinds, and three different pieces of equipment can be connected to it.
Q: Is the active subwoofer firing?
A: This front-firing woofer has a powerful punch. A unusual feature is front control.
Q: Is the Yamaha NS SW200 suitable for smaller rooms?
A: Absolutely, The Yamaha NS SW200s compact size and powerful 130W amplifier make it a fantastic choice for smaller rooms or spaces. Despite its size, it still delivers impressive bass performance that can enhance your audio experience without overwhelming the room.
Q: Can I connect the Yamaha SW-200 to my TV and music system at the same time?
A: Yes, you can. The Yamaha NS SW200 is designed with convenience in mind. It offers multiple input options, including line-level inputs, making it possible to connect both your TV and music system simultaneously.