Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floorstanding Speakers image
Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floorstanding Speakers image
Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floorstanding Speakers image
Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floorstanding Speakers image
Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floorstanding Speakers zoom image
Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floorstanding Speakers zoom image

Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floorstanding Speakers

  (4.9)   14 Ratings and 5 reviews
MODEL: Bronze 6
WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty
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Product Description

  • Comes with high-quality crossovers with premium grade Polypropylene film capacitors.
  • Floor-level terminal panel for easy termination.
  • Has a premium quality vinyl veneer finishes.
  • Comes with a C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter and a dual 61/2" bass drivers.
  • Offers a HiVe port technology
Product features

In this method matching drivers tuned for various roles are able to develop a uniform, consistent sound-field involving low unstable bass and richly coherent mid-range detail that rises in frequency to satisfy the illuminating resolution of our fabulous floorstanding 6 Bronze C-CAM loudspeaker. Here is Bronze in tooth and claw, alive to its bold audiophile style precedents and equipped with a compelling mixture of accuracy, scale, and dynamics for the very best price music and residential theatre audio.

From the towering Bronze 6, an entire new Bronze speaker, music and residential theatre lovers will appreciate the full-range flavor of our forty-year style heritage. Its compact cupboard supports 2 61/2" C-CAM bass drivers in operation in tandem bicycle with an extra 61/2" mid-range unit housed during a dedicated chamber.


1" C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeter

The fresh-designed 1" C-CAM Gold Dome loudspeaker extends the Bronze 6 floor-standing speaker's frequency response to an ultra-sonic 30kHz, permitting the total reproduction of harmonic frequencies very important to the accurate reproduction. Within the New Bronze loudspeaker, an innovative discharge system permits air to flow outside the tweeter's magnet assembly into a rear loading chamber, preventing air from being compressed at the rear of the dome for lower distortion, and reduced mechanical resonance, and improved damping. Structural enhancements in the dome and drive mechanism have boosted accuracy and extension at the highest finish of the tweeter's range as well, generating the extraordinary high-frequency quality that helps to outline the sound of the 6 Bronze speaker

Tree 6.5

Tree 6.5" 'Dished' C-CAM Woofers

The floorstanding audio Bronze half dozen employs a half dozen.5" C-CAM midrange/midbass speaker and 2 half dozen.5" C-CAM bass woofers.
The recently designed five.5" 'dished' C-CAM cone employs the complete cone surface to radiate a lot of sound.
Unbroken by the centre pole-piece aperture of standard driver styles, the 
cone is inherently a lot of rigid and economical whereas being less at risk of break-up underneath high drive conditions, leading to exceptional detail resolution and life-like musical notation.
Ingeniously, the driver's voice coil is thermally coupled to the rear of the cone, which attracts heat far from the coil for higher power handling and optimum operation in any respect volume levels.

C-CAM Technology

C-CAM Technology

C-CAM driver technology is used throughout the Bronze series 6 floorstanding speaker unit, providing coherent tonal balance and sonic signature across the coming into audio frequency spectrum. Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium is a material originally developed by aerospace industry for jet engine components. Its properties are ideal for speaker unit being extremely rigid, however light-weight enough to yield high overall efficiency. In manufacture, aluminum/magnesium alloy undergoes a three-stage stress-relieving method to get rid of surface deformation and molecular weakness. Conventional drivers area unit prone to flex or twist operative, manufacturing a major level of audible distortion. C-CAM drivers have a much higher resistance to bending stress and so exhibit much bigger fidelity over their entire operative range.

HiVe Port Technology

HiVe Port Technology

Its 6.5" C-CAM midrange/midbass driver and 2 half-dozen.5" C-CAM bass woofers area unit organized during a two-and-half method system configuration, in operation in separate acoustic chambers with front- and rear-firing HiVe ports to produce differential calibration for higher potency and larger low frequency extension.
The HiVe bass ports area unit formed to possess constant result on air flow as a gun-barrel on a bullet.
Rifled grooves within the ports facilitate to accelerate the flow and scale back turbulence, therefore air moves in and out of the ports a lot of expeditiously, for a quicker a lot of dynamic bass response.

Dual Gold-Plated Binding Posts

Dual Gold-Plated Binding Posts

The Bronze 6 floorstanding loudspeaker has two sets of gold-plated binding posts connected by wire-jumpers. Using the twin posts, you'll be able to bi-wire or bi-amp the speaker. Bi-wiring or bi-amping the speaker provides improved bass & treble performance. If you decide to bi-wire or bi-amp, you must remove the jumpers between the terminal posts (failure to do this could result in damage to your amplifier and loudspeakers).

Bi-Wiring and Bi-Amping

Bi-Wiring and Bi-Amping

Bi-amping permits you to use separate amplifiers for the high & low frequency sections of your Monitor-Audio speaker for a bigger dynamic range & lower distortion. We suggest that your separate amplifiers have identical gain to preserve the speaker's voicing balance.
Bi-wiring will offer noticeable improvements to the overall transparency of your Bronze 6 loudspeakers. Run separate speaker wires to the low & high-frequency drivers from one amplifier (the higher set of binding posts is for the high-frequency drivers; the lower set of binding posts is for the low-frequency drivers).

Sales Package Speakers, User documentation
ModelBronze 6
System Format
Frequency Response
34 Hz — 30 kHz
Sensitivity (1W@1M)
90 dB
Nominal Impedance
8 ohms
Maximum SPL
114.8 dBA (pair)
Power Handling (RMS)
150 W
Recommended Amplifier Requirements
40 — 150 W
Cabinet Design
Bass section - Front/rear bass reflex with HiVe II Port technology. Sealed mid-range enclosure
Crossover Frequency
LF: -6dB @ 150 Hz
MF/HF: 2.5 kHz
Drive Unit Complement
2 x 61/2" C-CAM bass
1 x 61/2" C-CAM bass mid-range driver
1 x 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter
Dimension31.5 x 18.54 x 98.55 cm
Weight16.6 Kilograms
Warranty TypeManufacturers
Warranty Period1 Year

Additional Info


( Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floorstanding Speakers Reviews )


14 Ratings &
5 Reviews
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Oct 17, 2022
Monitor Bronze 6
Neil | certified buyer
First I will say I attempted the Klipsch with the assistance of Amit they were size 8s tower then I attempted the Klipsch 6 1/2 pinnacle then we brought the screens out and I became hopelessly enamored what a distinction certainly worth the cash I matched them up with a SVS PB 1000 sub and a Denon s960h receiver, Thing sounds extraordinary likewise have a middle speaker this thing jams I attempt to connect two additional pinnacles for the back thusly it removed of force from different speakers trust me you do not require however two of these and a middle with a sub sounds astonishing thanks again amit
Oct 01, 2022
Monitor Audio Bronze 6
Prabhakar | certified buyer
These speakers are all that they say they are. I love monitor audio sound; truly warm and definite. There is a lot of bass punch, yet I am actually utilizing a little sub. Incredible average sized and highs without being excessively splendid. I think they sound better compared to other monitor speakers that are more costly and surely the best speaker
Sep 09, 2022
Customer Choice
ganesh | certified buyer
The sound quality is incredible!!! Super fat and made bass, no would like for the subwoofer. nice speakers floorstanding audio bronze6 speaker supported their value, nice sound quality,very clear,and the best is that the terribly low distortion.
Aug 29, 2022
Superior Design
shah | certified buyer
It is honest to mention that the previous, multi-award-winning, ranges of Monitor Audio Bronze speakers have usually topped their category. Thanks to new drive units and therefore the same attention to cabinet and crossover design, the newest Bronze range is the best however.
Aug 19, 2022
Awesome Sound Quality
Mr Patel | certified buyer
The latest Bronze 6 range comes with new C-CAM gold dome tweeters. These provide the perfect balance between detail and smoothness. Higher frequencies stay clear and uncongested - even at high volume levels wherever inferior styles begin to distort. Twin woofers and a separate mid-range unit build the Bronze 6 audio speaker is as powerful and dynamic as the Bronze range gets


Ask Question
Q: What wiring do I need to connect in Bronze 6 Floor Standing Speaker to a TV?
A: There is no way to connect Bronze 6 without seeing the back of the television. An amplifier is always needed but the type of the amplifier will depend largely on what connections your television has
Q: Can I use a different speaker range for my surround speakers in Monitor Audio Floor Standing Speaker?
A: Yes, you will be able to. when doing, be conscious that different ranges can sound different tonally, but as long as you are not mixing ranges for the main stage you will be able to simply go away with this due to the purpose being for added effect/atmosphere.
Q: What is Bi-wiring in Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floor Standing Speaker?
A: Bi-wiring is accomplished via separate pairs of terminals on the loudspeakers. Within the case of our loudspeakers, the bottom terminals go to the bass driver (s) and also the top terminals go to the tweeter (in 2-way), and also the middle and tweeter in the 2½ and three-way loudspeakers
Q: Any wall mounting options you would recommend for Monitor Floor Standing Speaker?
A: There are no wall mount brackets attached Bronze 6 Speaker. Would need to buy outboard mounting brackets that are sized for speakers and can handle the weight of Monitors Audio Bronze 6 speaker.
Q: Would it be an issue to mount Monitor Bronze 6 Floor Standing Speaker horizontally?
A: Although the Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floor Standing Speaker are designed to be listened to in a vertical position, if you must mount them horizontally, I would do so with the tweeters on the inside.
Q: Can I connect Audio Bronze 6 Speaker up to my computer?
A: You cannot connect the Bronze 6 Speakers directly. You may want an amplifier like a stereo receiver or a tiny desktop amp to attach to the desktop. There are 2 reasonable amps i.e. Fosi Audio and SMSL which can connect with most computers and have a Bluetooth receiver thus you will be able to stream directly from your phone, tablet, or laptop with Bluetooth.
Q: Would the Monitor Audio Bronze 6 make good side surrounds?
A: Yes, Monitor Audio 6 speakers would make great surrounds. Since you are most likely using them with a sub and surrounds do not have to handle bass in the 1st place, they are going to combine fine with front towers.
Q: Can the Bronze 6 Floor Standing Speaker connect with Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant?
A: No, you cannot connect the bronze 6 with Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant as the Monitor 2 does not have a WLAN feature where it could connect to the internet.
Q: Can we play music wirelessly by connecting the Monitor Audio Bronze 6 to a TV, Mobile, or Laptop/PC?
A: Yes, we can play music wirelessly by connecting the Monitor Audio to a TV, Mobile, or Laptop/PC by connecting an amplifier like a stereo receiver or a tiny desktop amp to attach to the desktop an amplifier like stereo receiver or a tiny desktop amp to attach to the desktop.