Yamaha SR-B20A 120W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar With Built in Subwoofer image
Yamaha SR-B20A 120W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar With Built in Subwoofer image
Yamaha SR-B20A 120W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar With Built in Subwoofer image
Yamaha SR-B20A 120W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar With Built in Subwoofer image
Yamaha SR-B20A 120W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar With Built in Subwoofer image
Yamaha SR-B20A 120W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar With Built in Subwoofer image
Yamaha SR-B20A 120W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar With Built in Subwoofer image
Yamaha SR-B20A 120W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar With Built in Subwoofer image
Yamaha SR-B20A 120W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar With Built in Subwoofer zoom image
Yamaha SR-B20A 120W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar With Built in Subwoofer zoom image

Yamaha SR-B20A 120W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar With Built in Subwoofer

  (4.8)   11 Ratings and 7 reviews
WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty
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Product Description

  • Built-in subwoofers for deep bass in one slim soundbar.
  • Clear Voice for enhanced dialogue clarity.
  • DTS Virtual: X virtual 3D surround sound.
  • Bluetooth streaming that allows easy switching between two devices.
  • Simple setup with HDMI or optical.
Product features

Imagine watching a moving and hearing the soft pitter-patter of rain around you. Or maybe the roar of a helicopter flying above you. After you introduce this sound bar, you’ll hear sensible sounds coming back from each and every direction. It’s the sort of immersion you can’t get from TV speakers. Yamaha SR-B20A 120W Bluetooth Sound Bar appreciating nice sound is simple. That is why this punchy sound bar has been created for easy to use & easy to like.

In few minutes, you'll be able to install this sound bar and revel in an immediate upgrade to your sound. Simply place the sound bar underneath your TV or use the hole to mount it on your wall. You will hear sounds from left, right, back, and even higher than you as shortly as you hit play. Virtual 3D surround and DTS Virtual:X technology come together to envelope your whole body in sound.

Virtual 3D Surround Technology

Virtual 3D Surround Technology

DTS Virtual: X could be a virtual 3D surround mode that reproduces height direction additionally to front/back and left / right SR-B20A . As a result, the sense of unity between the video and audio is improved, and additionally, to the front-back and left-right unfold, you'll feel the sound that surrounds you from above, adding to the immersive feeling within the world of films and music.

Clear Voice

Clear Voice

With Yamaha’s SR-B20A clear voice function, you'll be able to distinguish human voices like dialogue and narration from alternative sounds, increasing the volume of only human voices. Even in movies, dramas, news programs, and music where background music and sound effects are used extravagantly, the human voice is clearer and easier to enjoy.

Sound Modes

Sound Modes

You can get pleasure from the sound of films, music, TV programs, and games with Yamaha’s B20A optimum sound modes. Choose from four choices (Stereo, Standard, Movie, Game) designed to fit your content. Stereo mode to match stereo playback of music, a standard mode for many TV programs, picture mode for movies to enhance space expansion, and Game mode to immerse yourself in gameplay content providing individual sound action localization to be clear and precise.

Soundbar Remote App

Soundbar Remote App

With the newly developed Sound Bar Remote App it's even easier to regulate your amusement SR-B20A by Yamaha . The App will switch contents, sound modes, clear voice and bass extension functions, and easy power on/off commands intuitively and simply from your smartphone/tablet.

Rich Bass Reproduction

Rich Bass Reproduction

Dual inbuilt 75 mm subwoofer unit combined with the twin bass reflex port, provides a rich and spacious bass range Yamaha-SR-B20A . The 55 mm speaker system unit x2, and 25 mm speaker x2, further accomplish a well-balanced and spacious sound quality combination from low range to high range.

Variety of Options

Variety of options

SR-series B20A soundbar has various customization feature to finely tune the audio to you your own taste. This feature includes 3-Input channel - TV, Optical and Bluetooth. 3-Sound setting - clear voice, bass extension and 3D surround sound

Sales Package
Sound Bar, Remote Control and User Documentation
DriversFront L/R: 5.5 cm (2-1/8") cone × 2,Tweeter: 2.5 cm (1") dome × 2,Built-in subwoofer: 7.5 cm (3") cone × 2
Output Power120 W (Front L/R: 30 W × 2-ch,Built-in subwoofer: 60 W)
Power Consumption
25 W (Rated)
Standby Power Consumption0.2 W (HDMI control off, Bluetooth standby off), 0.5 W (HDMI control on, Bluetooth standby on)
Input / Output
HDMI          1 out (TV ARC)

Digital Optical   2 in

Subwoofer output Yes

Analog Audio         No
4K Pass-through No

3D Pass-through No



Auto Lip-Sync No
Surround Technology
DTS® Virtual:X™
Surround ModeStereo, Standard, Movie, Game
Compressed Music EnhancerYes (for Bluetooth)
Bass ExtensionYes
Dolby Digital
Dolby Pro Logic II
DTS Digital Surround
File FormatNo
Wireless Music Streaming                    No

Wi-Fi                                                    No

MusicCast Surround                            No

AirPlay                                                    No

Bluetooth Version/Profile Version             Ver 5.0 / Profiles: A2DP / Codecs: SBC, AAC

Bluetooth Maximum Communication Range  Approx. 10 m ; 33ft (without obstructions)

Wireless Subwoofer                                    No
Dimension96.52 x 17.78 x 13.21 cm
Weight4.15 kg
Warranty TypeManufacturers
Warranty Period1 Year

Additional Info


( Yamaha SR-B20A 120W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar With Built in Subwoofer Reviews )


11 Ratings &
7 Reviews
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Nov 25, 2023
Good Soundbar for watching TV shows movies
Kanika | certified buyer
This product is great and have great quality we can hear in TV shows and movies. Precise and clear voice option add great clarity to dialogue delivery. Highly recommended. Great price by VPLAK.
Nov 16, 2023
Great sound quality!
Prabhat Garg | certified buyer
Great sound quality. I have connected my tv with an hdmi cable to solve the issue of switching on the sound bar separately. Bass is sufficient for small to medium size room.
Nov 11, 2023
Ashima | certified buyer
I was confused bewteen sony and yamaha soundbars , as i wanted a long lasting surround sound, i gone for yamaha and i loved my decision. Super booming bass with crisp vocals. Happy with the purchase.
Oct 01, 2022
Sound amazing
P Kumar | certified buyer
It is a tremendous improvement over the speakers in my Samsung. Set-up was extremely simple and sounds perfect. It accompanies an optical sound link, yet I utilized the HDMI Bend yield and matched it with my sets remote. Bass is inconceivable even without utilizing the Bass Expansion capability on the SR-B20A remote. Subwoofer is not required! Intelligible Voice hoists exchange with the goal that all of discourse is unmistakable. Unrivaled form quality and low sufficient profile. It accompanies a layout for wall-mounting. Costing this much, you can not turn out badly.
Aug 31, 2022
Highly Recommended
Ajay Sharma | certified buyer
Low-cost great sound easy installation. Yamaha B20A Wireless Soundbar is great. The SR-B20A has a really full sound, not only compared to the tinny sound of the TV speaker it is replacing. The Yamaha SR is perfect for television and movies, and could easily be combined with a subwoofer for people who want to listen to music from their TV. For the price, the B20A sounds absolutely fantastic. Much better than the other soundbar that sells for a similar price
Aug 21, 2022
Great sound for a reasonable price
Amit | certified buyer
Love the surrounding control in SR-B20A Wireless Soundbar, voice control is the nest as I am a bit hard of hearing voices on the TV. If you want a space-saving all-in-one soundbar offering full-bodied dynamic sound with generous bass with immersive surround sound then simply go for SR-B20A, you would not regret your decision.
Aug 12, 2022
Truely A Beast
Sartak | certified buyer
Yamaha SR Wireless Soundbar has an elegant design and really looks premium when compared to other soundbars. The sound quality is extremely rich, you can make out each instrument individually. Yamaha B20A Wireless Soundbar customized controls to adjust the subwoofer volume. Movie mode is the best mode with surround mode on.


Ask Question
Q: What Bluetooth version does the Yamaha SR-B20A Wireless Soundbar uses?
A: The Bluetooth version that the Yamaha SR uses is Version 5.0 / Profiles: A2DP / Codecs: SBC, AAC.
Q: Does Yamaha B20A have a Center channel for dialog?
A: The SR-B20A uses Clear Voice for enhanced dialog clarity from both the left and right channel drivers.
Q: How to connect the old TV with the SR-B20A Wireless Soundbar?
A: For the Television to work with the SRB20A need to have a television that is an HDMI ARC television and the HDMI ARC cable. The ARC designation on both indicates the equipment is compatible with the soundbar.
Q: Can the Yamaha SR-B20A connect to a computer via HDMI?
A: To connect to a computer the computer must have an HDMI/ARC terminal. If the computer has a digital optical output, then the SR-B20A will also connect to the computer.
Q: What Subwoofer is recommended to add to a Yamaha SB20 Soundbar?
A: A subwoofer bar is built into the soundbar. Unless you are looking for annoying, booming bass you would not need an additional subwoofer.
Q: Is the SR-B20A Wireless Soundbar compatible with Alexa?
A: No, the SR-B20A Wireless Soundbar is not compatible with Alexa as the Yamaha SR-B20A has no voice control (Alexa) capability.
Q: Could I use the B20A Wireless Soundbar with an audio-Technica record player?
A: The Yamaha SR-B20A has no turntable input. It is capable of receiving streaming content from a smart device. If your AT record player is Bluetooth capable it could connect to the SR-B20An wireless soundbar
Q: Can the SR-B20A be mounted to the tv?
A: If the TV is mounted to a wall mount bracket the Yamaha B20A could be wall mounted under it or a Sanus SA405 sound bar accessory bracket could be attached to the existing TV bracket and hold the soundbar.
Q:  Is the Bluetooth secure so that others cannot randomly connect to the Yamaha SR-B20A Wireless Soundbar?
A: The Yamaha SR-B20A accepts and permits only one Bluetooth connection. Once connected it cannot be overridden by an additional connection.
Q: Can tv Bluetooth stream to the soundbar across a large room? Does this unit have wall mount capability?
A: The Yamaha wireless SR-B20A Bluetooth is capable of receiving a stream via Bluetooth from a TV. The effective range is about 25 to 30. If the mounting template is included then the B20A can be wall mounted.
Q: Can I control the volume of the Yamaha SR soundbar with a fire stick remote?
A: In order to get your Firestick remote to control the SR-B20A soundbar volume, you must connect the B20A soundbar to the TV via HDMI-ARC cable (an HDMI version that supports an audio return channel). Once connected, set the TV to use the Yamaha SR soundbar as the sound source. You can use the Yamaha remote to set the options that you need. Then you do not need the Yamaha remote anymore. At this point, it should automatically be controlled by your TV remote or your Firestick remote.
Q: What are the connectivity options that the Yamaha SR wireless soundbar uses?
A: The Yamaha SR-B20A soundbar can connect to a TV via HDMI/ARC (preferred), digital optical, and Bluetooth streaming from a streaming TV. The fact that the TV has built-in Bluetooth is not a factor if connected via HDMI/ARC or digital optical