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Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Lr10 (10 User 1 Year) image
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Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Lr10 (10 User 1 Year) zoom image

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Lr10 (10 User 1 Year)

  (4.8)   11 Ratings and 8 reviews
MODEL: Antivirus Pro Lr10
WARRANTY: 1 Year warranty
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Product Description

  • Protection against unknown malware threats
  • Blocks websites infected with viruses and malware
  • Filters emails with infected links or attachments
  • Fast virus scans without system slowdown
  • This item is non-returnable
Product features
The Anti virus Pro gives you protection against any kind of malware and threats to your system. The improved DNA scan engine scans your system. Stealth mode which makes impossible for the spam websites and hackers to attack. Protection against keyloggers who try to steal your data by reading what you are typing on your physical keyboard. Email is also secured by blocking the mails which may contain malware or threats. You get advanced protection by running your browsers in browser sandbox for secure browsing. Flash drive is automatically scanned as soon as you attach it in your computer to save you from autorun infection.

Don’t worry even if your laptop is stolen or lost as Quick heal anti virus system will track your laptop, you just have to register your product on TrackMyLaptop.net. Its even creates a backup of your important files if your system is crashed and your files are corrupted, you can copy your backup files on your external drives anytime you want.

Complete Security Against Malware

Complete Security Against Malware

The Quick Heal Pro will identify and remove known and unknown viruses with the Behaviour detection technology and advanced DNA scan which will scan for viruses quickly without giving load on your system

Online Security

Online Security System

The Quickheal Antivirus pro assures your safety while browsing online from online ransomware and hackers. The firewall configures security for incoming and outgoing traffic. You can even turn on stealth mode for advanced protection

Anti-key Logger System

Anti-key Logger System

Your typed data is safe from online hackers and spam websites by the anti-keylogger system. Your card details, transaction details and your private typed messages will be secured.

Email Protection

Email Protection From Online Threats

Now save your system from online attacks by blocking emails which may contain malware or threats against your system. Just turn on the email protection and you have one less thing to worry about.

Flash Drive Scan

Pen Drive Security Scan

Quick Heal automatically scans your flash drive for any kind of malware which may harm your system. It even saves you from autorun infections.

Automatic Backup

Automatic Regular Backup

Quickheal takes a backup of your important files automatically. So even if the files get corrupted and your system crashes you can restore your files in an external drive anytime you want.

Sales Package Quick-Heal Antivirus Pro Lr10
ModelAntivirus Pro Lr10
For Detailed Information Refer to this linkhttps://www.quickheal.co.in/documents/datasheet/avpro-datasheet.pdf
Operating SystemWindows 10, 8.1, 8, 7,
Windows Vista,
Windows XP (Service Pack 2 and later),
Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4)
Valid For10 PC 
Valid Up To1 Year

Additional Info


( Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Lr10 (10 User 1 Year) Reviews )


11 Ratings &
8 Reviews
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Jan 17, 2021
Great for day to day usage
Fatema | certified buyer
Ive been using Quick Heal for a while for both business and person because theyve done a fantastic job protecting and this is no less. This product is great and covers you in ways you never thought. With all of the hacks out there and people grabbing data I appreciate when my Quickheal antivirus pro can go above and beyond with protection like dark web monitoring. Highly recommend it!
Jan 12, 2021
Works well
Karan | certified buyer
This software came faster than expected. The key provided worked perfectly. This has more features than what I expected for example much more cloud space number of devices etc. So cheap comparatively and I installed this in multiple laptops. No problem at all. You may have to uninstall your current Quickheal for some cases and install this most of the times it automatically uninstalls the previous products. It was quick and easy to do.
Jan 04, 2021
Value for money
Yogesh | certified buyer
Ive read lots of reviews and opinions regarding the need for anti-malware/virus software for computers. Some products for windows slow down the system or impede the functioning of some programs. I have a new computer and still Quick Heal found infected files in just the two short weeks Ive owned this laptop. Im very pleased. Its easy to use for those of us who know little about computers and I hope to renew it after the first year. Highly recommend for windows users.
Dec 19, 2020
Amazing Performance
Ishan | certified buyer
I ordered this product yesterday via mail for my 5 windows devices. I got the mail in no time with the activation key. My son is more of the technical person than me so he installed it quickly. I have been using it for a day now and it keeps scanning in the background without bugging me and slowing down the system. So hands down this is the best antivirus you can get in this budget and features which no other antivirus provides with this kind of performance.
Dec 12, 2020
Worth the price
Chirag | certified buyer
I couldnt resist the price even though I know I wont see that again. I felt my computer was slow to start and slow in copying files with another highly rated anti-virus. This one seems to be better. Ive used Quick Heal off and on for years and had no problems. This is one of the best anti-virus programs around and. I believe my computer starts up faster now as this Quickheal Pro does not give much load on the system.
Nov 15, 2020
Great product
Parth | certified buyer
I have tried multiple anti-virus software and have not had the chance to try Quickheal. After doing some research and finding that they consistently have made it to many top 10 lists on tech sites I figured I should give them a try and I am glad I did. Easy to install easy interface to navigate and the price is good. The best thing about it is that since the installation I have not seen a performance decrease in my computer. Love it. They definitely got themselves a new satisfied customer.
Oct 08, 2020
Easy to set up
Harsh | certified buyer
It was easy to set up account download and start using right away. Once inside the Quickheal website you are given clear instructions on how to download and once the product is downloaded it gives you more instructions with getting it set up. I actually used Quick Heal on a previous computer so I remembered that it was easy and I always felt that the protection was the best. I used a couple of other highly rated security programs but I thought this offer was really good for the number of devices offered. I think most computer users will like this product as I do.
Sep 05, 2020
Perfect Security app
Ganga | certified buyer
I grew up using Quickheal and it really helped protect me against viruses all over the internet. Once I started using a windows laptop I stopped using windows defender. But thank goodness for this product. I purchased the key card and its such a great deal. I can protect up to 10 devices so I made sure my parents laptops are also protected. The user interface was easy to use and a huge improvement from how I remembered it. Quick Heal definitely makes it easy for everyone to perform a scan and remove harmful things.


Ask Question
Q: Will I get updates after purchasing it?
A: Yes you will get updates online.
Q: Is it better than windows defender?
A: Yes it is better than windows defender.
Q: Does this product run on MacBook?
A: No this product is only for windows.
Q: I can buy it for how many years?
A: You can buy it for 1 or 3 years.
Q: In how many computers can I install this product?
A: You can buy it for 1 2 3 5 or 10 years.
Q: Can I order it for 2 computers running on a different windows version?
A: Yes you can order for 2 different versions of windows.
Q: Do I get internet security free with it?
A: Yes web protection is included in this.
Q: Does this software work only in India?
A: No you have to install it with an IP address of India after that you can use it anywhere you want.
Q: Is this product available for 32bit system?
A: Yes you can use it on 32bit system.
Q: Can I install it on windows tablet?
A: Yes you can install it on windows tablet.
Q: Can I install in on my Apple MacBook?
A: This software is only for windows based computer.
Q: What is the minimum ram requirement for this antivirus to run smoothly?
A:  It depends on which version of windows you are using but most probably it runs with even 1 GB ram.