KEF Q150 5.25inch Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) image
KEF Q150 5.25inch Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) image
KEF Q150 5.25inch Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) image
KEF Q150 5.25inch Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) image
KEF Q150 5.25inch Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) zoom image
KEF Q150 5.25inch Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) zoom image

KEF Q150 5.25inch Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

  (5)   6 Ratings and 6 reviews
WARRANTY: 2 Years Warranty
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Product Description

  • Features a new cabinet, sleek new finishes, and an improved 5.25” Uni-Q driver Array.
  • Sport 1 x 5.25” mid-bass driver & a 1" vented aluminium dome tweeter.
  • Drivers sports KEF's patented Uni-Q technology.
  • Newly designed premium-grade gold plated bi-wire terminals.
  • In this Speakers grille sold separately
Product features

The KEF Q150 may come in small package but is a high- quality speaker. This speaker has a Uni-q driver & a CFD port (computational fluid dynamics) which means impressive display, high resolution, big sound & hits well above its weight. With the Uni-q tech the kef Q-150 gives you a best hit location in your room. This Q-series bookshelf speaker has a two-way bass reflex, comes in pair with 303 * 180 * 278 mm dimension & 5.6kg weight. 

The bookshelf stereo speaker has a home theatre system which can be used in your living room and can also blend into any décor. This Q 150 series can also be used by pairing it with the other models of the Q series. the KEF compact bookshelf speaker online at the best price in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all across India. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the vplak team.

Impressive Look with less space

Impressive look with less space

This <> 150Q stereotype speaker the best impression in your room, living room or any décor. It enhances the beauty of the area wherever placed & does not take much space. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) port design with the port repositioned to the rear of the speaker, clarity is improved by reducing the audibility of the midrange leakage through the port. The geometry of the ports has been tuned to minimize turbulence at higher levels resulting in a reduction in port noise and lesser low-frequency compression.

The 2- way bass reflex

The 2- way bass reflex

This kef speaker places the tweeter in the acoustic centre of the intermediate cone. This brings single point source closer which helps in delivering full & three- dimensional soundscape. Adding a damped tweeter loading tube in the KEF Q-150 BY KEF compact bookshelf speaker provides a gentle termination of sound produced from the back of the tweeter. Additionally, this further improves lower treble performance dramatically for a clear, crisp and pleasant high-frequency response.

Comes With Colour Options

Comes With Colour Options

The Q150 come with different color options. You have the choice to choose kef speaker according to your color preference/taste. You can take time & decide where you would like to place the speaker & choose the color accordingly. This brings a single point source closer than ever to a spatial realization that delivers detailed and three-dimensional soundscape. The Uni-Q's ultra-wide dispersion is further improved by KEF's 'tangerine' waveguide clubbed with an aluminum dome tweeter.

Dual connectivity port

Dual connectivity port

The kef bookshelf speaker comes with the dual connectivity port. It helps you connect your speaker with dual wire connection rather than one & also helps in improving audio reliability. Featuring an improved cabinet design, this compact bookshelf speaker is draped with a suave satin finish to effortlessly blend into any decor. Thanks to its unmatched performance, the speaker is ready to deliver KEF's legendary sonic punch in your movies, TV shows, music or gaming sessions.

Stand base

Stand base

The kef q 150 speaker can be placed on stands also. You can enhance the beauty and the décor with placing a stand with the speaker. The stand gives richer & classier look. the KEF-Q150 as a standalone stereo setup for your living room or to listen to your vinyl collection. As the compact bookshelf speaker is timbre-matched with the Q series by kef, you can use the as part of a multi-channel surround sound system by pairing it with other models from the series.

Advanced tweeter loading tube

Advanced tweeter loading tube

The q 150 speaker has the advanced tweeter loading tube which delivers a mild termination of the sound that is produced from the back of the tweeter. This improves & gives clear & nice high- frequency response. Sporting KEF’s signature Uni-Q driver array technology and a new crossover, the Q-150 incorporates 1 x 5.25” mid-bass driver & a 1" vented aluminium dome tweeter. Equipped with the latest enhancement in acoustics and design from KEF, the brings high-resolution sound with amazing depth and exceptional clarity.

Sales Package Speakers and User Documentation
Two-way Bass Reflex Bookshelf Speakers
Drive Units
Uni-Q driver array:
HF: 25 mm (1in.) vented aluminium dome
LF/MF: 130 mm (5.25in.) aluminium Uni-Q
Frequency Range Free Field (-6 dB)47 Hz
Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)
51 Hz – 28 kHz
Crossover Frequencies
2.5 kHz
86 dB
8 Ohms (min 3.7)
Maximum Output
108 dB
Amplifier Requirements
10 - 100 W
Dimension303 x 180 x 278 mm
Weight5.6 kg
Warranty TypeManufacturers
Warranty Period2 Years

Additional Info


( KEF Q150 5.25inch Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) Reviews )


6 Ratings &
6 Reviews
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Nov 05, 2022
Kef Speakers
Shashi | certified buyer
I Purchased Q150s, but now I replaced them with KEF Q950S. The clarity of sound is good, with Great looks and high bass Quality. The Q series of speakers are the entry-level of KEF. My favorite part of the audio system is the speakers. If you want great speakers you should check these.
Oct 27, 2022
Great Speaker
Naresh Joshi | certified buyer
These Q150 are high-quality and well-balanced speakers that produce a clear and accurate sound. These are very user-friendly speakers. It is easy to set up and place in any room. These KEF Speakers are so good, that you cannot tell, which speaker the sound is coming from at a time and can replace the position of instruments and other sounds about each other easily.
Oct 07, 2022
Kef Bookshelf Speakers
S Kumar | certified buyer
Got a great deal on the KEF Q150 from vplak. These speakers are impressive. Their sound is natural and very clear with a good balance between the different frequencies. The sound and image of the KEF are simply amazing. I also them connected to the TV with digital cable and the clarity of sound is excellent. The perfect all-around speakers at the perfect price.
Sep 13, 2022
Crystal Clear Sound
Anchal Singh | certified buyer
Kef q-150 performance dramatically for a clear, crisp and pleasant high-frequency response. i used these speakers last night for my husband birthday party and all my friends are taking about the amazing clear sound of the 150q-kef. Everybody like these speakers. These speakers add new energy to our house party. Thanks to kef!
Aug 15, 2022
Awesome Product
Vplak Customer | certified buyer
Kef150q are the one of the best bookshelf speakers, I have an amazing experience with these speakers. It sound makes me feel music more realism. Thanks to its unmatched performance of the sound, the speaker is ready to deliver KEFs unbelievable sonic punch in the movies, TV shows & music. best product of q150 kef with best price.
Jul 11, 2022
Great one
Javi | certified buyer
KEF Q 150 sounds great. They are crystal clear audio and have a surprisingly deep base. Their performance is like much bigger speakers, and the price is also reasonable according to the quality. The look and design of kef150 is also very good. Listening to them is a pleasure. Highly recommended 150kef product.


Ask Question
Q: Is it worth spending on kef q150 speaker?
A: The Q150 comes in pair, easily carried, no placement issue and gives excellent sound quality. These features make it worth spending.
Q: Is the setup process of this speaker easy or difficult?
A: The setup process of the Kef speaker is quite easy. Just make sure to place the speakers at 6 feet distance from each other & at least 9 inches away from the wall.
Q: Can this speaker be connected via Bluetooth?
A: Yes, the Q150 a bookshelf speaker can be connected via Bluetooth.
Q: Is this a stereotype speaker?
A: Yes, the Q150 is a stereotype bookshelf speaker.
Q: What is the output power of this speaker?
A: The nominal output power is 100 watts, the maximum output power is 200 watts for the Q150 series speaker.
Q: How much does the kef q150 speaker weigh?
A: The weight of the kef q150 speaker is 5.6kg or 12.3lbs.
Q: What are the ohms specifications of this speaker?
A: The impedance of this speaker is 8ohms (3.7).