JioFi JMR815 4G Wireless Data Card image
JioFi JMR815 4G Wireless Data Card image
JioFi JMR815 4G Wireless Data Card image
JioFi JMR815 4G Wireless Data Card image
JioFi JMR815 4G Wireless Data Card image
JioFi JMR815 4G Wireless Data Card image
JioFi JMR815 4G Wireless Data Card zoom image
JioFi JMR815 4G Wireless Data Card zoom image

JioFi JMR815 4G Wireless Data Card

  (4.9)   15 Ratings and 9 reviews
WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty
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Product Description

  • Upto 150Mbps download speeds
  • Voice call and SMS support via Jio Voice app
  • Massive 3000mAh battery
  • Upto 32 users at a single time
Product features

Powered by the true 4G network provided by Jio, this JioFi JMR 815 device ensures speed and connectivity of the 4G network like no other so that you never miss any opportunity to entertain yourself by music or videos over a wide range of devices and always stay connected to your friends and family through the digital space.

This jiofi device supports upto 150Mbps download speeds and 50Mbps upload speeds. Share your memories on facebook, instagram and youtube at a lightning fast speed. You can now connect upto 10 devices simultaneously to this portable wifi dongle.

Enjoy the 4G speed anytime

Enjoy the 4G Speed Anytime

With the download speed which can reach about 150 Mbps at downloading and the upload speed which can touch the mark of about 50 Mbps, the JioFi JMR 815 ensures the true 4G speed at anytime, anywhere on all the devices and across all the apps on the go.

Experience of 4G on 2G/3G smartphone

Experience of 4G on 2G/3G Smartphone

From the JioFi device, you can enjoy the speed of 4G on your 2G/3G smartphones and can also use the free HD calls via the JioCall app (previously Jio4G voice) anytime, anywhere.

HD Voice and Video Calling across all devices

HD Voice and Video Calling

With the help of JioFi, you can do a HD quality voice quality using the JioCall app on your smartphone. The audio conferencing can support calling for 6 (5 + 1) people and the video call can be attended by 4 (3 + 1) people.

A long-lasting battery for work

A long-lasting battery for work

The 3000 mAh battery which comes in the JioFi JMR 815 allows you to use the device all day long and never miss out the connectivity on the go, whether for some official work, entertainment or social media, without worrying about the battery life at all.

Connectivity across all the device

Connectivity across all the device

The JioFi can connect upto 10 devices which have in-built Wi-Fi in it, such as smartphones, smart TVs, home speakers and other devices so that there is no absence of connection to any device.

No compromise in Portability

No compromise in Portability

The JioFi is light and portable, which makes it more than easier to be carried by you across all places so you never lag behind and enjoy the Wireless 4G experience on the go, wherever you are.

Sales Package
Jiofi Data Card, Adapter, USB Cable, Battery, Manual and Warranty Card
Device Throughput
Upto 150 Mbps
Voice Support
Call Support only for Android Smartphones
Charging Time3.5 hrs
Battery Capacity3000 mAh
Maximum no. of devices at one time(31 on Wi-Fi and 1 on USB)
74 mm X 74 mm X 20 mm
95 g
Warranty TypeManufacturer
Warranty Period1 Year

Additional Info


( JioFi JMR815 4G Wireless Data Card Reviews )


15 Ratings &
9 Reviews
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Jun 28, 2020
Device is nice for short range
Shantanu Madan | certified buyer
I bought the device mostly as a home Wi-Fi and it hasnt disappointed. The compact look and design are impressive. The device can last for about 7 hours after a single charge and goes into standby afetr about 30 minutes of inactivity from any device. The worst thing about the device is the range. At a range of about 2 to 3 metres, it acts best, but loses its signal after it. The portablity acts to the rescue for these moments. The three indicators on the sides are enough to tell the status of signal and battery. The button at the sides could have been made better. But, I must say this to be a good attempt from a first timer in this department. The Designed in India tags adds up to the values in this device.
Jun 17, 2020
Amazing device from Jio
Rudra Shukla | certified buyer
The JioFi JMR 815 is one good device which can allow you to stream internet via WiFi on the go on any device like smartphones or tablets. The best thing about the devices, apart from it features is the compact and sleek design which makes it easily portable. You can carry it in your backpacks or the pockets of your jeans. The design is durable to some extent. The JioCall app can be very useful for old smartphones and provides a good voice quality. The video quality is quite nice, but it is meant for just 4 people. The speed is nice in my locality, but may vary going from places to places. The range is quite amazing as it can cover about 6 storeys of a building without any loss in network. Quite amazing to see such devices coming from a Telecom company.
Jun 11, 2020
Light in design, heavy in features
Sharan Gupta | certified buyer
I was asked for a device, mostlly for the office use and work-from-home thing. Instead of going for the standard fancy dongles, I decided to buy the JioFi JMR 815 after I had seen its online advertisement. The device had turned out to be pretty good in many ways. Firstly, the design is lightweight and weight around roughly 100 grams. I can carry it anywhere and never miss my work if I am on travel. The portability is aided by the long battery which can run smoothly for about 8 hours. The connectivity is something which can be a hindrance, but so far, I havent experienced any network difficulty while on the travel or while working at office. The JioCall app is quite unique, but mostly targeted for those who have older smartphones or huge tablets. It is better to use the other video calling apps like Skype for video callling, but JioCall can perform quite brilliantly. Apart from that, it can be connected to devices in your car like smart connectivity for the cars and play songs or videos on the go.
May 19, 2020
Tiny, compact and good
Prashant Dikshit | certified buyer
The best thing about the JioFi is the tiny device which provides affordable Wi-Fi anytime, anywhere on-the-go. Apart from the dirt-cheap data prices of the Jio network, the device is also priced reasonably. The tiny black device allows you to carry it anywhere without thinking about the battery as it can last for about 8 to 10 hours after a full charge. The 4G voice is something you can take advantage of if you dont have a VoLTE smartphone with you. The video calling is nice, but is restricted to just 4 devices, including the main user. The indicators at the side are enough to tell you the signal strength and the battery which is left in the JioFi before you charge it again. A good buy worth considering.
Mar 14, 2020
Its a Steal at this price
Dev Mishra | certified buyer
It is one of the devices which becomes a must buy if you need a wireless network for your computer or which can act as a home network. The JioFi is quite nice in terms of the design and the build. The battery life is good, but not the best. However, the thing that works well for the device is the idea of the portable Wi-Fi which it promises to deliver and delivers brilliantlly. The network coverage may be a barrier, but considering that it has the largest subscriber base, it is worth taking a risk. The 4G speed on old smartphones may turn some eyes towards it, but it delivers it quite easily. The voice quality is brilliant. The video calling is something I havent used, owing to the already popular apps meant for the same like Skype or Zoom. At such a budget, Jio delivers a good product which have some great features.
Feb 27, 2020
Works well in best signals
Vikram Thakur | certified buyer
The JioFi JMR 815 is best suited for those people who are living in the area having a good Jio connectivity. The device is quite nice, with its round designs and durable designing, it is quite good and great in the portability. The LED indicators on the sides are good in telling you the battery, network strength and wifi signal. The battery can last for about 7 to 8 hours after being fully charged. The Jio4G voice works well in most of the time, but its better to use other apps like WhatsApp or Meet for video calling. The device can be carried anywhere in just your pockets. And rest of the things depends upon the way you use the device.
Feb 12, 2020
Awesome device with many features
Satnam Singh | certified buyer
The device is quite nice for the features that it has in the bag. Apart from the design and its portable nature, the speed is nice and the battery life is okay, and can last for about 5 to 6 hours but considering the size and its huge battery, it must last more that. However, if I ignore all these things, there exists a serious problem with the JioCall feature which doesnt let you hear anything after youu have picked up the call.
Feb 05, 2020
Brilliant in many ways
Ankur Raj Singh | certified buyer
The JioFi provides a lot of benefits to me. Firstly, the connectivity speed is excellent here and touches about 20-25 Mbps with ease. Secondly, the device is sleek and handy, which means I can carry it anywhere, on the go. The battery life is awesome and allows me to do all my daily browsing and internet usage without charging it. The device can connect up to 10 devices, which can ensure that all mobiles and devices inside your home are safely connected to your network. The range of the device is about 7-8 metres and considering its tiny size, it is quite amazing. Plus, the JioCall features like HD voice quality and Video Call (which is limited to just some people) adds up to the benefits. A great Mi-Fi device overall.
Jan 02, 2020
A great device
Fardeen Shah | certified buyer
I bought this device after the Wi-Fi enabled dongle which I used earlier was broken. The JioFi JMR 815 has a quite nice design, a nice circular shape with the buttons on the side, a look which is not seen in any other JioFi device offered by Jio. The device is light and handy and can provide me non-stop entertainment for about 10 hours at a stretch. The side indicators are helpful for battery and signal quality. I personally liked the video conferencing feature available for just 4 people. The data can easily be monitored on the My Jio app if youre a prepaid user. A good connectivity ensures that I never miss out my work. And you can use it with a micro USB cable too, just like a dongle.


Ask Question
Q: Can I connect this device to my computer via USB cable?
A: Absolutely, you can use the USB cable to connect your device to the internet.
Q: Does this device comes with an existing connection?
A: The box contains just the device. You can buy a data sim from the nearest Jio store or order it online from the official website of the operator.
Q: What are the maximum connections available on the JioFi?
A: The JioFi can connect upto 32 devices, 31 wirelessly and 1 via USB, although it is recommended to connect just 10 devices at a time for maximum connectivity and better experience.
Q: How do I access Voice support on the smartphone through JioFi?
A: You need to install the JioCall app (which was previously called Jio4G voice) on your smartphone. And you can access the voice support from there after registering the number.
Q: What is the battery capacity of the device?
A: The battery of JMR 815 is around 3000 mAh.
Q: Does voice support features works on iOS or Windows?
A: The voice support is currently just available across all the Android devices.
Q: Does the device have a SD card reader in it? If so, what is its capacity?
A: The device does not have a SD card slot inside it, but has an expandaable memory of upto 64 GB.
Q: Does the JioFi supports fast charging?
A: The JioFi doesnt supports fast charging.
Q: What is the procedure of changinng the password of the wifi?
A: You can go to the local html and after logging in there, you can simply change the password of the Wi-Fi network.