JioFi JMR 814 Data Card image
JioFi JMR 814 Data Card image
JioFi JMR 814 Data Card image
JioFi JMR 814 Data Card image
JioFi JMR 814 Data Card image
JioFi JMR 814 Data Card zoom image
JioFi JMR 814 Data Card zoom image

JioFi JMR 814 Data Card

  (4.9)   16 Ratings and 10 reviews
WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty
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Product Description

  • Upto 150Mbps download speeds
  • Voice call and SMS support via Jio Voice app
  • Massive 2300mAh battery
  • Upto 6 hours battery backup
Product features

The sleek and stylish JioFi JMR 814, from Jio, will make you feel that WiFi can be carried anywhere, just in your pockets, so you can use the Jio 4G network on the go and never feel disconnected from the digital space and from your loved ones.

Expect upto 150Mbps of download speeds and upto 50Mbps of upload speeds with JMR 814. Even if your smartphone is not 4g, you can experience true 4g speeds via WiFi. The JioFi also allows you to make calls from the JioFi phone number via JioVoice app.

Finest 4G speed

Finest 4G Speed

The true 4G speed experience can be felt by using the JioFi. The upload speed can go as high as 50 Mbps and the download speed can go upto 150 Mbps, depending on ideal condition.

True 4G on 2G or 3G smartphones

True 4G on 2G or 3G Smartphones

The true 4G speed can be enjoyed on the 2G or 3G smartphones by the help of JioFi. Also, you can make high-definition voice calls on your smartphone using JioFi by downloading the Jio4G voice app on your smartphone.

Enjoy video and voice calling features

Enjoy Video and Voice Calling Features

Using the Jio4G voice app, you can not only make the HD calls on your smartphone, but also can use the voice conference call for 6 people (5+1) and video conference call for upto 4 people (3+1).

 A long-lasting Battery 

 A Long-lasting Battery 

The JioFi JMR 814 comes up with a 2300 mAh battery  so that you can surf the web uninterrupted for upto 6 hours without  charge.

Never lose a connection

Never Lose a Connection

The JioFi can connecet with any device which comes up with the WiFi techlology like smartphones, Smart TVs, laptop, tablets and smart speakers and can connect upto 32 devices.

WiFi network anywhere

WiFi Network Anywhere

With the JioFi, you don’t need to worry about the electicity for your router, just charge and enjoy the 4G wireless connectivity on the go using the easy to carry and pocket-friendly JioFi device.

Sales Package
JioFi Data Card, Adapter, USB Cable, Battery, Manual and Warranty Card
Upto 150 Mbps
Voice Support
Call Support only for Android Smartphones
SMS Support
Power Source
Li-ion 2300 mAh Battery
Connected devices at one timeUpto 32 Devices to Connect (31 on Wi-Fi and 1 on USB)
Battery BackupUpto 6 hrs
External MemorySupports Upto 32 GB
76.9 mm X 76.9 mm X 11.3 mm
80 g
Warranty TypeManufacturer
Warranty Period1 Year

Additional Info


( JioFi JMR 814 Data Card Reviews )


16 Ratings &
10 Reviews
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Jun 26, 2020
A perfect device for a family network usage
Yatharth Nath | certified buyer
I bought this device for my father as a gift. This JioFi JMR 814 is powerful as a WiFi device which comes up in a small size. The features are impressive. The device can connect upto 10 devices without any hiccups. The battery life can vary between anything between 6 to 8.5 hours, depending upon the usage and the number of devices connected with it. The design is sleek, stylish and has a glossy finish, apart from the lightweight built( it weights just 79 grams) and inspite of all this, it can withstand fall on floors. The plans can be chosen by you depending upon the usage intensity and the data used. I personally opted out for a postpaid plan. The portablility is added advantage for you. In short, it can be used as an alternatives to stationary routers at your home if you are a frequent traveller or need network for your office or for heavy use by the family members. Thumbs up to Jio for this device.
Jun 18, 2020
Way better than its competitor
Sarthak Dhar | certified buyer
I had a Huawei data dongle before I switched to JioFi 5 for my office work. The advantages it has over those dongles are massive, like a rechargable battery instead of always finding USB device wherever you are. The battery life is good and goes upto 7 hours without any major failure. The 4G speed is far better than the rival telecom operators. The device is also lightweight (it weights only 80g) and slim and stylish. The WiFi connectivity can go upto 3 storeys of an apartment. The Jio4G voice can let you call using the WiFi network (both audio and video calls) which adds up to the advantage. Without doubt, a product worth buying and trying if you have a taste for trying new products.
Jun 09, 2020
It hits the right mark
Daksh Kumar | certified buyer
The JioFi 5 was recommended to me by my friend who has been using Jio network since its trial phase. I bought this device and it has been too good. Firstly, the design is sleek and stylish and you can carry it like a small tile device in your pocket. The battery can go upto 5 hours, which is slighly less than expected, which makes me use the USB version for most of the time. The features of video calling and voice quality is quite good for the older smartphones. The biggest minus with it is the network issues which you can face if you are frequent to visiting your village. But over time, the connectivity will improve. A good device which you can find helpful.
Jun 01, 2020
Innovative product in many ways
Gauri | certified buyer
The product can has a connectivity which is quite good for a device for the device. The video calling feature is one hell of a thing, considering that your phone is 3G or 2G, and can still connect upto 4 people in one go. The battery is amazing. The connectivity is superb, all thanks to Jio network coverage. The product is one hell of a thing, considering its size, designing and the features it possesses. A perfect 5 for this.
May 25, 2020
Pocket-friendly data card
Karun Pathak | certified buyer
This is one of the good products. The delivery arrived a day within the order. The JioFi is like a tiny all-in-one device and allows you to make video calls and voice calls via an app. The battery is nice and you can watch two movies on the go without worrying about the battery. The design is stylish for a product as tiny as this. The LED indicator at the front tells you th status of the battery, the connection strength and the status of WiFi. The WiFi can go into sleep when not in use for about 30 to 40 minutes. The product has both class and can work wonders if used nicely. And it is portable. Truly, a pocket-friendly device, both in portability and in terms of purchase.
Mar 18, 2020
Superb performance by a tiny device
Rizwan Ahmed | certified buyer
I honestly didnt have much expectation from the device. I bought it just as a common device which can be used by anyone at home. And this device works in much better way than I expected it to be. The battery life is superb for its size and can go for about 8 hours straight after being fully charged. You can attach both the postpaid or prepaid cards, depending upon the intensity of the usage. The connectivity is superb too and can cover an entire flat without any difficulty. The design is slim, light and can be carried anywhere in your wallet or the pockets of your jeans or trousers. It is of much use nowadays owing to the lockdown. I havent used the voice calling, but the video calls goes smoothly. Overall, a nice buy and budget-friendly.
Mar 13, 2020
Good in some ways
Srikant Rai | certified buyer
The JioFi 5 has a sleek and handy design, making it easier to carry and easily portable. The network connectivity will be a make or break situation for people buying the device. The battery is about 5 to 6 hours, depending upon the usage. The area covered by this device is not that large, compared to the other devices from other brand. It can also act as a dongle so that you can plug it into your computer or laptop. The Jio4G app is not that great, but provides a hell lot of benefit. A good product overall.
Mar 02, 2020
One of the best products from Jio
Ashish Tiwary | certified buyer
I bought the device just before the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown happened in India, owing to the work-from-home in my office. I had earlier bought the android phones from the same brand and they were somewhat good. But this device is, in my opinion, one of the best product from the Jio team, if not the best. The sleek design and the lightweight builld makes it easier to carry anywhere and never miss the internet connectivty on the go. The battery is good, considering it can provide a usage time to about 6.5 hours at a full charge. The connectivity will depend upon the Jio network, but considering it has the largest consumer base across India, you can opt for this device. The voice and video calls are an added advantage and you can avail if you want it to use by installing a small sided app from the Play Store.
Feb 25, 2020
A must-needed product for home Wi-Fi
Meenaxi Iyer | certified buyer
After the new network by Mr. Ambani named Jio was launched in market, I was eagerly waiting for their WiFi network. When they launched the MiFi device for this, I bought it for mostly official work. And it has never compromised in terms of service. The speed, owing to the network coverage in my city, Bangalore, is awesome. The device can go upto 6 to 7 hours after a single charge without any problem. The device is super portable, so the work can get completed anytime, anywhere. And you can use it for both audio or video conferencing for limited level, which adds up to the advantages list which JioFi 5 provides me with. Im very happy with it.
Feb 18, 2020
Go for it
Rahul Jain | certified buyer
The JioFi JMR 814, also called the JioFi 5 is one of the finest devices which caomes under the Mi-Fi segment. The network coverage of the JioFi is good, and can cover a small apartment with ease. The battery life is nice and can run upto 8 hours after it is fully charged. The video calling is always spot on. The video quality comes nicely owing to a good Jio connectivity across my locality. And being super-light, I can carry it anywhere around in my world and connect to enjoy the connectivity.


Ask Question
Q: Does this device comes with a sim?
A: No, the device does not have a sim. You have to buy a Jio connection for that
Q: Can the devices be connected via USB?
A: Only one device can be connnected to the JioFi via USB. The rest can be connected via WiFi.
Q: Can we use SD card on this device?
A: The JioFi device supports SD card, for upto 32 GB storage.
Q: Does the device support SMS services?
A: The JioFi supports SMS services.
Q: Can I change the WiFi password of the JioFi device?
A: You can change the WiFi password of the device by logging into the local html of the device.
Q: What is the weight of the product?
A: The device weights around 80 grams.
Q: How does the calling feature work?
A: The calling feature works by downloading the Jio4G voice from the play store. Note that calling feature works only on Android device.
Q: What is the upload speed of the device?
A: The upload speed can go upto 50 Mbps, under ideal condition. The speed might vary depending upon the conditions and network.