JioFi JMR 1140 4G Data Card image
JioFi JMR 1140 4G Data Card image
JioFi JMR 1140 4G Data Card image
JioFi JMR 1140 4G Data Card image
JioFi JMR 1140 4G Data Card zoom image
JioFi JMR 1140 4G Data Card zoom image

JioFi JMR 1140 4G Data Card

  (4.9)   16 Ratings and 10 reviews
WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty
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Product Description

  • Upto 150Mbps download speeds
  • Voice call and SMS support via Jio Voice app
  • Massive 2600mAh battery
  • Upto 6 hours battery backup
Product features

Jio has always been at the forefront while providing 4G devices and products and the JioFi 1140 is one of the best in it’s series. Download the Jio Call app and make voice calls endlessly via this JioFi.

Recharge at your own convenience and enjoy the benefits of being the fastest 4G internet user in the country. An added feature is the support of an external micro SD card upto 32GB. This provides storage and can be accessed via Wi-Fi.

High Speed connectivity

High Speed connectivity

With Jio's superfast 4G network enjoy high speed internet without any interruption. Download movies and song upto 150 Mbps and enjoy access seamless YouTube videos at high quality.

Wireless experience

Wireless experience

With the hassle free wireless facility, carry your Wi-Fi anywhere you go without having to connect it with a cable. Travelling is now easier with this battery powered wireless device which provides upto 6 hours of backup.

Micro SD card support

Micro SD card support

The JioFi also supports micro SD card upto 32GB allowing you to store files and data via Wi-Fi. It is indeed very helpful when your phone or tablet is already running out of memory.

Long lasting battery

Long lasting battery

It comes with a 2600 mAh battery which gives you upto 6 hours of non-stop internet access. It takes almost 2 hours to charge the Jiofi jmr 1140 and gives you uninterrupted 4G internet on the go. Now don’t worry about carrying your charger everywhere you go.

Comes with voice and video calling feature

Make Voice and Video Calls

Download the Jio4G Voice app and enjoy unlimited voice and high quality video call. Make conference calls without any distortion and in high video and audio quality.

Make your 2G/3G phone into 4G

Make your 2G/3G phone into 4G

With it’s Wi-Fi accessibility turn any 2G or 3G phone into 4G. Enjoy high speed 4G internet just by connecting your non-4G phone to the hotspot. Stay ahead and up to date with the speed of Jio 4G network.

Sales Package
JioFi Data Card, Adapter, USB Cable, Battery, Manual and Warranty Card
Upto 150 Mbps
Voice Support
Call Support only for Android Smartphones
SMS Support
Memory Card Slot Support
Li-ion 2600 mAh
SIM or UIM Support
Memory Card slotYes
Dimension78.9 mm X 88.7 mm X 16.9 mm
80 g
Warranty TypeManufacturer
Warranty Period1 Year

Additional Info


( JioFi JMR 1140 4G Data Card Reviews )


16 Ratings &
10 Reviews
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Jul 04, 2020
Best in class network
Sheetal Sen | certified buyer
I am an avid user of Jio network and have been using it for 3 years now. Jio always provides the best service when it comes to calls and internet. With this JioFi the standards have been the same and the speed of the device is unimaginable. It connects multiple Wi-Fi devices at a time and provides high speed 4G internet. Even at thi price Jio has not compromised with its service.
Jun 28, 2020
Advanced features
Karan Mehra | certified buyer
The JioFi 1140 is not only a portable Wi-Fi device but also a storage place and has access to 4G Voice calls. It is much more powerful in speed and I have been using it for 2 months now. I take it to my office and also use it when Im commuting. I am very happy with the purchase and the high speed internet provided by Jio.
Jun 15, 2020
Small size big output
Ramesh Sahoo | certified buyer
The size of this device is quite small but its speed is mind blowing. It takes almost no time to connect with a device and works seamlessly on multiple connections at a time. I never expected this kind of speed from such a small Wi-Fi device. Previously I used only dongles which had to be connected to the laptop but now this JioFi is my new favourite. The range of the Wi-Fi is also very long and provides high speed internet even from a distance of 10 metres.
Jun 10, 2020
Suitable for travellers
Amir Siddiqui | certified buyer
Due to my job I have to travel a lot across the country and without fast internet nothing is possible. The JioFi 1140 has been an ideal companion with me for a long time as I dont have to worry about the internet when Im trtravelling. Even when Im crossing state boundaries in train, I get uninterrupted network with high speed. Very satisfied with the purchase and it suited perfectly for my use
Jun 06, 2020
Durable and long term investment
Shuvankar Banerjee | certified buyer
I researched a lot before buying this. I had a tight budget and this is all I could afford. I have been using this device for almost 5 months on a daily basis. Surprisingly there havent been any issues with the JioFi. The battery backup has been the same since day 1 and the 4G speed is still the same. This is indeed a long term investment and can provide service for many years.
May 28, 2020
Impressive signal strength
Gaurav Chadda | certified buyer
Apart from its portability and battery backup, it also has an amazing signal strength. When I keep it in my drawing room and go to my balcony which is almost 40 feet away, the speed remains quite good if not the fastest. This is very impressive for a device of this size and price. I have always been a fan of Jio and with this JioFi I am very happy for being with Jio.
May 20, 2020
Pocket friendly
Richa Joshi | certified buyer
It is pocket friendly both literally and metaphorically. It fits right in the pocket because of its shape and size and is also quite friendly for the budget. The price of this product is cheap as compared to the expenses incurred on a broadband connection or even mobile data. It has the fast 4G network which boosts up my browsing speed as weel as download speed. After reading a lot of reviews I purchased this product and I must say that its totally worth the purchase.
Mar 10, 2020
A good alternative for broadband
Satish Sharma | certified buyer
Previously I used my mobile hotspot to access the internet through my laptop and it was terribly slow. This JioFi not only supports multiple devices but gives an incredibly fast connection with my old Jio sim. It indeed made my internet surfing experience great and I did not have to invest my money in expensive broadband connection. Very impressive performance being a portable Wi-Fi. I watch 1080p videos on YouTube with no buffering.
Feb 27, 2020
Long lasting battery
Vinod Chopra | certified buyer
My main concern with these portable devices has always been its battery. This JioFi 1140 has a very good battery back-up with one single charge. I connect two devices and use it at a stretch and I get almost 5 hours of battery back up. The led indicator on top also helps to see how much battery is left. This is indeed a worthy product of ta price and the features it comes with.
Feb 15, 2020
Excellent product
Ananya Choubey | certified buyer
It has an excellent speed with 4G network. The sim card which I used in my phone becomes 5 times faster when I put it in this JioFi. The speed was unimaginable. I connect my laptop, tablet and smartphone at the same time and there is no fall in speed. The very interesting thing about this device is that it is very small and fits perfectly in my palms. It looks very cute also. It saves me a lot of time on the internet.


Ask Question
Q: What is the maximum wireless range?
A: It has a long range of almost 40 feet.
Q: How long does it take for the battery to fully charge?
A: It takes maximum of 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100%
Q: Does it support other operator sim cards?
A: No it doesnt. This JioFi works with Jio 4G sim card.
Q: How do I get the password of this Wi-Fi device?
A: The password is printed on the inside panel of this device.
Q: Any heating issues for continuous use?
A: It gets slightly warm but it is negligible.
Q: Is there any buffering while watching 2160p YouTube videos?
A: There are no buffering even if you connect more than one device.
Q: Can I connect my Laptop and phone simultaneously?
A: Yes you can. It can connect multiple devices simultaneously.
Q: How is speed when it’s in roaming?
A: Jio provides uninterrupted network all over India hence no issues in roaming.
Q: Any sim card given with the purchase?
A: There are no sim cards provided in the box.